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West Till Rd in Fort Wayne
I need estimate to fix my roof I'm available Tuesday water damage
Perry Ave in Fort Wayne
I would like to receive an estimate to replace missing gutters, downspouts, and fascia (on the backside of the house). As well as repair/reattach existing gutters.
Springfield Ave in Fort Wayne
Several shingles are not sealed well and have come loose near the peak of our cape cod style house. It looked to me like the nails were shot in too deep during installation and now the shingles are loose. The area needing repair is about 4' x 8'. Thanks!
Autumn Tree Drive in Fort Wayne
May have water leaking in where roof over bay window meets the house. It appears the flashing may be messed up at that point. Have some water spots inside house that we think are new.
Broadway in Fort Wayne
We have purchased a home, and the inspection revealed that the roof has been applied unprofessionally and not to standards. Currently there are no leaks. Roof is currently asphalt. We're not sure whether the entire roof needs replaced, or just repaired.
Willow Oaks Drive in Fort Wayne
Our roof is about 10 years old and we had a little leak probably 7 years ago that we think we fixed. Would like someone to take a look and see if it looks like there might be a leak and get a quote to fix if needed. There are a few new light brown spots on some newer drywall on the ceiling which leads me to think there may be a small leak.
Woodbridge Drive in Fort Wayne
We have 2 layer of shingles that need removed and new roof replaced. New gutters around the entire house. There is also boards that need replaced.
Dellwood Drive in Fort Wayne
Roof leak in bedroom. Looking for repair estimate. Thank you
Springmill Rd in Fort Wayne
We recently had a tree down on our roof, which was removed and a small bit of damage was covered with a temporary patch by the tree service, but this needs a more permanent solution, I think. We also have noticed some evidence of water coming into our attached garage (at the shared wall), which may or may not be related but is obviously a problem.
Lighthouse Ln in Fort Wayne
May need some small repairs. Might need a new roof in next couple of years
Paw Paw Drive in Fort Wayne
Roof is only 8 years old and leaks in one area. Needs a repair.
Lake Ave in Fort Wayne
I have two small flat roofs on the front and back of my house. I believe the back roof area gets overran and causes pools of water to collect on the roof, which has caused weak spots and need repair. I can supply photos of the roofs if necessary.
Brittany Cove in Fort Wayne
Need a quote on new shingles on my roof.
Tree Top Trail in Fort Wayne
2nd story bathroom has water stain on ceiling in shower. Concerned of possible roof leak. Need roof checked for repairs...do not know where the dark stain is coming from on ceiling in bathroom. Sprayed with bleach...still there.
Union St in Fort Wayne
Attic roof leaking into attic, then to stairway. Attic needs some patching. Also, porch roof leaking onto porch. I believe we need to add a pitch to porch roof and possibly add another downspout.
Mariners Ridge Dr in Fort Wayne
My skylight is leaking when it rains and I'd like to get a quote to fix it.
Emma Ave in Fort Wayne
This is a Rental property. I would like a quote for roof, gutters, & siding.
Buena Vista Dr. in Fort Wayne
We have two spots on a roof that are currently leaking during heavy rain storms and we would like to get that repaired as soon as there's availability.
Clayton Ave in Fort Wayne
Would like my roof replaced and during that process would like attic insulation added
Thieme Drive in Fort Wayne
Roof needs to be re-shingled.
My roof is getting in bad shape
Farmstead Rd in Fort Wayne
Just need new gutters
Longleaf Drive in Fort Wayne
Would like to replace all gutters and downspouts with larger versions or a better flow system (constant rain overflow) and also add gutter guards
Dougherty Run in Fort Wayne
Overwhelmed gutter system, may need additional gutter spout or other solution, need estimate for this work
E Jefferson Blvd in Fort Wayne
Need repairs to roof
Marietta Dr. in Fort Wayne
Seem to have a leak . There's a spot on ceiling in my daughter's BR. Thank you
Lillian Ave in Fort Wayne
Water leaking from wall
Elmbrook Drive in Fort Wayne
Need new gutters. Approximately 200 linear feet.
CRESCENT AVE in Fort Wayne
I'm interested in gutter a analysis and repairs. Water is not moving towards down spouts during heavy rains causing it to pour over in areas. Water damage occurring in certain parts of the home. Damage likely on top left of covered porch. Thanks
East Drive in Fort Wayne
Need gutter repair/replacement
W Wayne Street in Fort Wayne
Leak coming in through a place where the gutters meet and missing shingles
QUINCY CT in Fort Wayne
Looking to get fascia replacement quoted on 2nd floor of the house for the back fo the house.
Vintage Hill Cv in Fort Wayne
Roof is leaking
Kenwood Ave in Fort Wayne
Looking to see what it would cost to replace my roof. Was told when I moved in that I'd need a new roof within 10 years and it's coming up on that time line.
Knightway Dr in Fort Wayne
Water leaking from outside garage causing wood to rot on the floor. Exterior door is loose and cannot be opened anymore because of water damage.
Covington Road in Fort Wayne
I have a roof that is WAY passed due. I need an estimate, please.
Old Mill Road in Fort Wayne
Looking to get an estimate on gutter replacement.
Thicket Ct in Fort Wayne
Have old gutters, have old guard technology that still lets seeds and asphalt materials into the gutter causing clogs and saplings. Replace all Gutters and Down Spouts.
Lombard Place in Fort Wayne
I think I have a leak in the top floor roof (of my second story house). I see a stain on the ceiling upstairs.
Johnson Rd in Fort Wayne
I would like to get 6" gutters installed on building. Each side of building is approximately 40'.
Wayside Dr in Fort Wayne
We need our gutters replaced. I would like to get a free estimate to see how much it would cost.
California in Fort Wayne
The rubber roof of my front porch is leaking and needs replaced.
W Wildwood Ave in Fort Wayne
Hello. We had a deck built and had to cut a section of downspout out. We would like to have the downspout repaired.
Steup Ave in Fort Wayne
Recent tree accident - need roof right away.
SALFORD CT in Fort Wayne
I would like our gutters cleaned and some small repair. I would also like the roof inspected with a quote, if possible. We are selling our home and want to make sure things are good.
Smith Street in Fort Wayne
I would like to know the estimate of the roof repair. One of the bedroom ceiling has leakage because of the some part of the roof. I wanna fix that portion of the roof
Clean roof of debris, branches and moss growth
Kirkwood DR in Fort Wayne
Looking to have my 2nd story gutter guards cleaned. I have 4 huge oak trees that form a canopy above my house, and the flowers/pollen from the trees accumulates on the gutter guards/roof.
Mardigras Lane in Fort Wayne
I have a gutter that is damaged in one spot and a small spot of the wooden soffit that looks like it needs replaced. Looking for a quote to repair or replace the gutter and repair the soffit. Thanks.
River Bluff Dr in Fort Wayne
2 story home. No gutter guards. I am hoping to have the work done in the next week.
Coral Bay Court in Fort Wayne
Good Morning. We need the gutters cleaned out in the back of our home as they appear to be clogged with leaves. Please let me know if that is a service that you provide and the approx cost. Thank you!
Fifth Street in Fort Wayne
Hello, we are interested in getting our roof and gutter system replaced. We have been quoted by a couple other companies, and would like to get one from you as well. We would like to tear off and put on, and also put two vents in the top as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Archer Ave in Fort Wayne
Repair roof damage from heavy rains/wind and inspection of the rest of the roof to ensure there are no other damages or needed repairs
Wishingwell Ct in Fort Wayne
Roof Gutters Attic
N Anthony Blvd in Fort Wayne
I am interested in the first and second story gutter guards, as well as second level gutter cleaning prior to installation.
Troon Way in Fort Wayne
Need roofing estimate. There are many angels that will require optimal flashing and coverage
Skyhawk Drive in Fort Wayne
Need an estimate for a complete tear off and replace
Skyhawk Drive in Fort Wayne
Need an estimate for a complete tear off and replace
Maysfield Hill in Fort Wayne
I have lost several shingles on my roof. I have the shingles to replace them but do not want to do it myself
Cambridge Blvd in Fort Wayne
My gutters require cleaning and I'm interested in covers as well.
Lexington Ave in Fort Wayne
Upper gutters and downspouts need replaced. Roughly a 25-30 foot run on a two-story home in the front and back.
Schilling Ave. in Fort Wayne
Have a sunroom extension with flat roof, leaking water into ceiling with extensive rain in two areas. Water rot on soffit/fascia under gutter not associated with clearing gutters. Would like a permanent repair/reconstruct.
in Fort Wayne
We have a small leak in our roof that I believe is due to a leak around the chimney. We would like a quote.
W Sherwood Terrace in Fort Wayne
Wondering if I have any hail damage on roof or siding. Would like an inspection and or a quote for a new roof.
Lindenwood Ave. in Fort Wayne
We are moving houses and we need to put a gable vent in attic of our current home. It currently has a 16 x 16 space for a non working powered vent. We need to remove the old vent and put a basic non powered vent in. I can't find 16 x 16 gable vents online, so it seems more than i can do myself.
Alverado Drive in Fort Wayne
Complete tear-off and replace back porch roof with overhang . Roof area aprox. 15 x 15. Roof damaged and rotting
Saint Joseph Blvd in Fort Wayne
We're getting a good deal of rain water spill over on the southwest and southeast corners of the gutter system (2nd floor). There may be some issues with the southeast corner of the porch gutters also.
N. Clinton St. in Fort Wayne
New roof needed on home.
Comfort Court in Fort Wayne
Roof shingles approaching the end of their useful life.
Dalevue Drive in Fort Wayne
Attic ventilation possibly not sufficient about half of the area of the vents is covered by boards 2 vents about 1300sq ft
Maplecrest Road in Fort Wayne
Need to fix roof and replace with metal one
Callman Ave in Fort Wayne
Remove & replace. Small home, < 800 sf. Couple/few sheathing sheets may need to be replaced.
Woodland Springs Pl. in Fort Wayne
Interested in Skylight quote.
Pinedale Dr. in Fort Wayne
I'm looking for a gutter and soffit replacement for my house.
Trier Rd in Fort Wayne
2 layer removal, reroof.
Golfview in Fort Wayne
Very low angle roof. Is metal a good choice?
Ardis St in Fort Wayne
Roof replacement
Rock Cove in Fort Wayne
Would like an estimate for a new roof.Need gutter guards also if you install them,Thanks.
N Wells St in Fort Wayne
I need my gutters cleaned and I am checking out quotes.
Addison Avenue in Fort Wayne
Roof most likely should be replaced maybe repaired not sure, need an expert opinion.
Oak Fall Court in Fort Wayne
Gutter cleaning 132 lft of 1st story & 10 lft 2cd story
in Fort Wayne
Need a sealed and new rubber
Columbia Ave in Fort Wayne
Need quote on tear off and re roof with architectural shingles. there will probably be some rotted decking that needs replaced
Wingate Run in Fort Wayne
I have a 16x70 mobile home. Two years ago a tree limb fell on our home. I didn't see any apparent damage. But yesterday I discovered some damage. The wood sheeting is rotted, so it will have to be replaced and a new roof installed. I need an estimate so I can see if I can raise the money.
Fieldcrest Ct in Fort Wayne
Roof caps deteriorating need replaced. I have a few areas where squirls have done some damage and needs repaired.
Hobson Road in Fort Wayne
We have had a few strips of shingles come off of our roof and when it rains, it leaks into our bedroom...
Lonesome Oak Trl in Fort Wayne
Leak over kitchen, appx 15 year old roof. In rough shape.
Timberlake Trail in Fort Wayne
Roof Leak-perhaps flashing installed backwards. At line of roof and siding.
Summersworth Run in Fort Wayne
Estimate the cost of roof tear off and replacement on single story 1600sq ft home with attached garage.
Covington Road in Fort Wayne
I need to have gutters replaced in my 1800s home. They need to be the kind which hang. I would like an estimate. Thank you.
CURDES AVE in Fort Wayne
Need gutters replaced along south and West sides of on two car detached garage.
White Field Dr in Fort Wayne
We need an estimate for a new roof. Our roof is the original roof and we have a small leak toward the back of the house.
St Joe Center Rd in Fort Wayne
Looking to replace roof, want to discuss options. Was told that the shingles on our roof we're a part of a recall so wondered how that works. Have heard metal roofing is better, wondering about that, and interested in financing options.
Village Court Dr in Fort Wayne
Leaks were observed at the plumbing vent and at the flue chimney which was dripping on the flood.
I have a leak in my roof and need someone to come out and assess the damage. I have a two story home, shingle roof with attic access. It leaks into our bathroom. I have a home warranty to cover the costs. I'm looking for a contractor to hire for the job. Thanks!
Jessie Ave. in Fort Wayne
Leaking porch roof, missing shingles.
Cherryblossom Lane in Fort Wayne
I need a quote on replacing my roof.
Purdue Dr in Fort Wayne
I need to have my main structure shingles replaces, they are starting to curl and deteriorate. The detached structure is a one ish car garage. Part of the roof has caved in between the 2x6's and they don't look like they are moldy or rotten but I am not sure. So it know it would need new plywood down and new singles for sure, maybe more work may need to be done.
Glenwood Ave in Fort Wayne
Would like an estimate on having roof replaced on our home.
Snowstar PL in Fort Wayne
I need to have a 2nd layer of shingles put on my house.
S. Calhoun in Fort Wayne
Gutters & leaf guard
Meadows Parkway in Fort Wayne
Have water spot showing on my ceiling. No attic above the spot.
Elmbrook Drive in Fort Wayne
Noticed leak coming from ceiling air vent.
Bitter End Cv, in Fort Wayne
I want to make an offer for this house. I was told the roof needs to be replaced. Could you give me a quote for it? I know you do not need to visit the house in person to get the dimensions online. Thanks!
N. Cornell Cir in Fort Wayne
Need gutter repairs and new gutter installation
Pemberton Drive in Fort Wayne
I need a tear-off and replace on my one-story ranch. Thank you!
Sand Pines Court in Fort Wayne
Prefer emails please
Allenwood Drive in Fort Wayne
I would like an estimate for roof replacement. Has two layers.
Woodland Xing in Fort Wayne
We have one area on the back of the house that during rain the water drips between the gutter and roof. We would like that area to be checked out and an inspection done of all the the gutters and then an estimate provided for repairs and or replacement.
Lakeview Dr in Fort Wayne
I have an old single layer asphalt shingle roof one story ranch had some leaking around my exhaust for my hot water heater. I would like this replaced as part of the roof replacement and I need a roof vent added for my bathroom vents. Would love a peak vent if cost is not to great.
Auburn Rd in Fort Wayne
Wind took off some shingles, just looking to have them replaced
Burnham Woods Lane in Fort Wayne
I believe my home already has two layers of asphalt shingles and is due for a replacement. Existing quote includes tear off and replace any damaged decking, new drip edge installation, ice and water shield installation, synthetic felt installation, new pipe boots, replace can vents with ridge vent, and replace power fan with new. Install new "w" style metal valleys, new shingles, and ridge cap. Clean up all debris and haul away. I would also like to get separate quote for new gutters and replacing damaged fascia with new metal wrapped fascia.
Leo Road in Fort Wayne
We need some minor roof repair and gutters .Interested in what type of gutters you have ( leaf guards , seamless gutters , other?)
Smith Street in Fort Wayne
Need a hole in my roof fixed
Crescent Ave in Fort Wayne
Need a roof replaced before we sell our home ASAP! I think we only have one ,Ayer of singles so far.
Vanderbilt Drive in Fort Wayne
Two things: 1) We have a small roof leak. We need an estimate on patching the roof leak and looking to fix as soon as we can. 2) We are getting very close (probably 1-2 years) to needing roofing/shingles replaced. I'm looking to start pricing and finding the vendor of choice for this project.
Stinson Drive in Fort Wayne
Leaking around chimney flashing
Hamilton Road in Fort Wayne
Look to re-roof my house and possibly new gutters.
S Thomas Rd in Fort Wayne
Looking for a gutter guard installation.
Blackfoot Court in Fort Wayne
I have a part of my gutter that has come loose from the fascia and would like to get a quote on the repair and possible installation/cleaning with gutter guards. Thanks.
Bluffton Rd in Fort Wayne
Missing shingles, and the majority of my shingles just flap in huge sections like a strong wind would come along could blow off huge sections....
Algonquin Pass in Fort Wayne
Silverfox Drive in Fort Wayne
I would like to get an estimate on new gutters with covers
Selkirk Dr in Fort Wayne
Have a leak
Shady Hollow Place in Fort Wayne
Have a small leak in my garage roof that I would like to get repaired.
Shadow Ridge Pl in Fort Wayne
Purchasing this home want to know the life of the roof or if it should be replaced
Kenwood Avenue in Fort Wayne
Would like to know how much it would be to insulate our attic.
Brandywine in Fort Wayne
There's 2 layers already. Shingles keep coming off in wind. Front has mansard roof
State in Fort Wayne
I have a single story ranch I just replaced the sofits and facia boards. there is 188 linear feet with 4 down spouts. all new construction no tear off required.. I am looking for it to be done asap.. Thank you
Saint Joe Rd in Fort Wayne
Would like an estimate to replace roof. Thanks
N Seminole Circle in Fort Wayne
Leaking and replacement of roofing
Regina Drive in Fort Wayne
My facia board needs to be replaced at front and back of my home as it is rotted. I have some gutter down in the back. I will need all new facia and guttering front and back.
Alleghany Ct. in Fort Wayne
Ridge vent sections (4) blew off in yesterdays wind. All shingles intact. Would like to have them re-attached ASAP
Mowhawa Drive in Fort Wayne
Skylight in kitchen,
Lafayette Esplanade in Fort Wayne
Little damage
Amulet Drive in Fort Wayne
We need a quote for a new roof. It will be a tear off.
Monet Cove in Fort Wayne
I currently have no major issues with my shingles, but they are over 20 years old and need to be replaced.
Old Colony Rd in Fort Wayne
I need a quote for roof repair, wind related, shingle replacement.
Turnberry Lane in Fort Wayne
Our roof leaks around the chimney. We need to know if the entire roof needs to be replaced, or repaired, and if the chimney (mortar etc) needs to be repaired
Greenlawn Ave in Fort Wayne
Gutters need updated as I believe they are to small for the amount of rain that comes off our roof. Would just like to get a professional opinion and quotes.
Wenonah Ln in Fort Wayne
There are shingles lifting off of the roof may cause leaking with rain!
S Wayne Ave in Fort Wayne
The roof of my detached garage is missing a few shingles.
Ardmore Ave in Fort Wayne
I would just like an estimate to replace the main part of the house. There is an add on to the house in which you will be able to tell when you arrive. I would also like to include a repair to the garage roof that is missing some shingle. The garage is a separate building. It is ok to email the estimate. Thank you!
Randford Place in Fort Wayne
Several shingles are missing or curled up from high winds in a recent storm. Not leaking at this time. Need an estimate and possibly have the roof area covered prior to heavy storms coming in over the next few days.
Crescent Ave in Fort Wayne
I believe I at least need some minor fixes to my roof, a few shingles missing or pulling back from recent weather. Would like to know if minor fixes will work or if the roof needs more work. Possibly putting in an insurance claim depending.
Beaver Ave in Fort Wayne
I have a gutter that pulled away slightly on one corner and twisted a little. I need to get this repaired, plus have the rest of the gutters on my house cleaned. Would like an estimate done for this. Thanks!
Shorewood Trail in Fort Wayne
Looking to have a new roof installed.
Patrick Ln. in Fort Wayne
I have a badly dented section of gutter on the 2nd story of my house. It is causing lots of water to pour out and settle near my house. Not sure if it can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced.

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