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Tree collapse on roof

It's hard to predict a roofing emergency, but calling in a roof repair expert afterward is key.

Mitigate your roofing emergency quickly with our professional services

Anything from a brutal storm to a long-standing issue can be the cause of a roofing emergency. While you can't control Mother Nature, you can take care of the aftermath - and in fact, it's crucial that you act quickly if you suspect your roof is in serious danger. Don't try to take care of the damage yourself, though: hire a professional emergency roof repair contractor to handle the situation.

With many years of experience, our roof repair specialists at Bone Dry Roofing are more than prepared to tackle roof leaks and other roofing problems that may have developed. We offer fast, responsive service that will ensure the interior of your home stays protected in the event of a disaster. Our technicians are trained and certified in the equipment and services needed to restore your roof during an emergency.

If you have a roof emergency or need any of our other roofing services, call us at 1-844-386-0848 or click below for a free estimate!

roof emergency repair

Don't hesitate when it comes to fixing your roof - we'll get your home back to normal.

Roof leaks and other kinds of roofing emergencies

One common kind of roof emergency is a roof leak. Water streaming into your home can not only harm your property and your valuables, but it can also lead to mold and other long-term damage. While roof leaks are usually pretty easy to find and therefore resolve, other roofing emergencies might be less noticeable, such as ice dams, missing shingles, flashing failures, or improper installations.

Roof maintenance will help avoid or delay major roofing problems, but sometimes there's simply nothing you can do. If hail, fallen tree limbs, or other storms have suddenly taken out part of your roof, Bone Dry Roofing's emergency roof repair will always be able to help!

Why choose us for emergency roof repair

  • We have safety standards. Going up on your roof yourself after an emergency is never a good idea - we have the equipment needed to safely traverse this dangerous environment.
  • We will protect your home. If the interior of your home is opened up to the outside, we can help you use plastic sheets to cover what you can.
  • We will inspect your roof. Our professionals know what to look for when it comes to emergency roof damage, so we can find even the problems that might be easy to miss.

Don't let a roof emergency bring you down

As an experienced roofing contractor in Greater Fort Wayne, we can handle any emergency roof repair need you may have. If your home has leaks, wind damage, or a collapsing roof, make us your first call to get fast, effective repairs.

Call us today for a free estimate on any of our roofing services! We work throughout New Haven, Huntington, Fort Wayne, Wabash, Auburn, Columbia City, Bluffton, Huntertown, Leo, Garrett and the surrounding areas.

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