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Removing snow from your roof might sound easy enough, but it can actually be extremely dangerous during periods of heavy snowfall. Snow weighs more than you might expect, and trying to get it off your roof in slippery conditions can lead to nasty falls.

Rather than suffer the negative consequences of removing snow yourself, trust the professionals at Bone Dry Roofing to get the job done! We're accustomed to working in wintry conditions, and we have years of experience in the roof repair industry to make sure we know what to do for you.

Get started on roof snow removal today to prevent problems like ice dams in the future - schedule a free inspection and estimate with Bone Dry Roofing today! We serve customers in Fort Wayne, Huntington, New Haven and throughout Greater Fort Wayne.

Why choose us for roof snow removal

  • We have professional procedures. In order to protect both your property and our workers, we employ stringent work standards that ensure our safety. Removing snow can lead to a variety of dangers like falling snow and ice, slipping off ladders or roofs, and much more. To prevent these dangers, our employees work from the ground whenever possible, remove only a bit of snow at a time, and wear safety gear when climbing to the roof. 
  • We take care of your roof. By mapping your roof and gathering information about its material and slope, Bone Dry Roofing can do its best to prevent any damage to your roof. Snow rakes and other equipment can harm shingles and gutters if not used with care. We also won't do any damage to skylights or vents because when we know where they are, no one will trip over them!
  • We prevent ice dams. On top of removing dangerous weight from your roof - especially important if you have a flat or low-sloping roof - one of the main reasons to perform snow removal is to stop the possibility of ice dams. Ice dams form when the area below your roof is considerably warmer than the snow on top of it. As the snow melts across the upper reaches of the roof, it trickles down toward the eave. That trickle can freeze like a mini glacier until layer upon layer gradually builds up and a "dam" of ice forms. This can eventually lead to roof leaks. With snow removal, you won't have to worry about this!  

Only a professional can handle removing snow from your roof

Don't put anyone in harm's way over snow accumulation - let someone who's prepared for the risks take care of your roof! Contact Bone Dry Roofing today to find out more about our snow removal and ice dam prevention solutions, or our other roofing services like roof repair and replacement. We work in Fort Wayne, Huntington, New Haven, Wabash, Auburn, Columbia City, Bluffton, Huntertown, Leo, Garrett and cities nearby.

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