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Metal roof installation

Originally designed for non-residential buildings, metal roofs offer a whole host of benefits for homes as well.

Metal roofs have long been common options for barns, agricultural buildings, and other commercial structures. But during recent years, more and home homeowners are seeing the advantages that a metal roof can have for their homes - provided a professional completes the installation.

Here at Bone Dry Roofing, we install metal roofs on residential buildings throughout the territory. Available in different colors and styles, we're sure to help you find a metal roof that matches your home and your neighborhood while still giving your property a unique flair. And as always, our priority is your home's safety, so we'll be sure that your new roof can stand the test of time.

Interested in learning more about our metal roof services? Schedule a free estimate with us today! We offer roof replacement to customers in Fort Wayne, Huntington, New Haven and cities nearby. 

Metal roofs look great on any home

Benefits of metal roofs

  • Durable
  • Low weight
  • Protects against all weather
  • Versatile

If you're not sure whether metal roofing is the right option for you, think again. On top of its strength and durability, metal roofs can improve the aesthetic appeal of any home. Available in either pre-formed panels or panels that can be adjusted on site, our professionals will be able to help you pick the option that looks best for your home. Both types come in exposed or standing seam styles, and pre-formed panels also come in a variety of colors and can even be made to imitate traditional materials like shingles, wood, or slate.

Your metal roof will improve your property value, protect against anything from fire to snow, and can even help keep your home cool during the summer - all while helping your home stand out from the street!

Metal roofing myths debunked

metal roofing

While old metal roofs got a bad reputation, current models have fixed all of their problems.

Homeowners used to be hesitant to install metal roofs because of the following misconceptions:

  • Metal roofs are noisy. Nowadays, residential metal roofs are no more noisy than other kinds of roofs during storms. This is because there are plenty of materials installed between the roof deck and the actual metal, and these sub-roof materials are more than capable of dulling sound.
  • Metal roofs will dent. It is true that metal is capable of denting during severe weather events like hail storms, but now, there are metal roof options that are manufactured to be hail resistant. Choosing the right metal roofing for your home will eliminate dent worries.
  • Metal roofs are expensive. While the cost of a metal roof is higher up front than an asphalt shingle roof, metal roofs will give you a return on your investment by lasting much longer than other roofs. Metal roofing also provides a much more environmentally friendly solution than asphalt shingles.

Choose metal roofing for your roof replacement

Metal roofing is one of the best ways to upgrade your home, giving you improved home value, function, comfort, and appearance. Bone Dry Roofing are your local metal roofing experts, and we know what it takes to give you a high-quality solution that will last a lifetime.

We offer free estimates on all our roofing services, so call us today to get started! We proudly serve in New Haven, Huntington, Fort Wayne, Bluffton, Wabash, Auburn, Garrett, Huntertown, Leo, Columbia City and throughout the surrounding areas.

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